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Ahlul-Bayt Islamic School

This page contains upcoming events and important dates.

Calendar of Events

Important Dates in 2018-19

Upcoming Events

Nov 4 Daylight Saving Time Ends - Set clocks back one hour

Nov 8 Martyrdom of our holy Prophet Mohammad (peace & prayers be upon him and his Ahlul-Bayt)

Nov 9 Progress Report cards go home

Nov 11 Remembrance Day

Nov 16 Parent–teacher interviews - No school for students

Nov 17 Martyrdom of our 11th Imam Hassan al-Askari (AS)

Nov 19 Death of alHujjah Adbul Muttalib (AS)

Nov 26 Birthday of our holy Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and Birthday of 6th Imam Jafar al-Saadiq (AS)

Face Paint on Fun Days